LaView 4 Channel H.264 CUBE Plus Advanced Face Detection



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LV-KD514FD7S CUBE Plus with Face Detection - Four-Channel DVR + Four 700TVL Cameras

Face Detection Snapshots

Based on advanced face detection technology, this system is able to identify moving individuals and quickly snapshot everyone who walks through your region of viewing. Gain control of your property and deter unwanted activities.


Event Notifications

Easy to set up E-mail notifications tell you when irregular motion is detected, or if you want to send any backup videos to your Dropbox.

Live View, Playback, & Remote Viewing

This system helps keep you conveniently connected at all times. Easily view, playback, and record areas of interest from your DVR with a user-friendly intuitive interface. Other easy to use features included is P2P viewing, Dropbox Video Backup, and free remote viewing.


  • H.264 Dual-Stream Video Compression
  • LaView advanced CUBE Plus security with Face Detection
  • 4-Channel Realtime Recording and Playback
  • Dropbox Cloud Video Back up Storage and Alert Capabilities
  • HDMI Audio Out Function
  • 3.6mm Fixed Lens for Indoor or Outdoor
  • 24 IR LEDs for night vision
  • Live View & Playback on Smartphones, Tablets, PC, and Macs.
  • Peer to Peer Function with LaViewCloud
  • Comes with 4 Indoor/Outdoor bullet cameras

LaView USA

Face Detection

This system has the capability of taking a snap shot of everyone in the areas monitored with face detection. If any irregular activities is to occur with an identified individual, simply click on the stored snapshot to review video playback of incidents. Feel extra secure and have a peace of mind.

LaView USA

Great Ways to Use CUBE Plus

See every detail with better coverage to help defend home or business. This system works great for any entrances you would like to know who’s coming in and out of the property. Watch on a full screen monitor high resolution viewing, playback and recording. Set this system to only record when motion is detected, and enjoy remote viewing options with no subscription fees

LaView USA

Super Compact Size

This super compact size DVR will comfortably fit anywhere without looking like a DVR. It’s small size comes with advanced technology that’s equivalent to a standard size DVR and more!

LaView USA

CIF vs. D1

See every detail with better coverage to help defend your business or home with LaView’s complete surveillance systems. Its state of the art D1 surveillance allows you to watch full screen monitor high resolution video playback and recording. Stream live from your Internet or 3G Smartphones, and iPad.

LaView USA

Indoor/Outdoor Camera

The four 700TVL cameras provide clear video through high resolution image sensors with night vision up to 65 feet and the ability to operate indoor and outdoor. It’s true IP66 weather proof rating helps protect the cameras from all conditions.

LaView USA

Peer to Peer Viewing

LaViewCloud allows you to log onto your security system from any Internet Explorer by simply signing in with your IP and DVR password without any port forwarding set up. It’s hassle free, and secure. View your cameras whenever you want. Learn more with our quick preview in downloads section.

LaView USA

Easy Set Up

Set up your surveillance system easily with our Quick Start Guide. The intuitive interface is designed to help you easily custom set your system. It’s easy to install with a user-friendly menu. Feel safe and secure that footage will be readily available for you to view, record, and playback anytime, anywhere.

LaView USA

Cloud Image Storage with Dropbox

Cloud image storage is the newest trend in storing alert images in the cloud. With Dropbox, you can easily manage, view, and organize images where motion is detected and backup important events.

LaView USA

Day and Night Protection with Infrared LED Vision

Automatic infrared LED technology allows you to monitor your business or home 24/7. The infrared LEDs activates when it’s dark or low light to display black and white night vision capability up to 65 feet. High resolution 600 TVL sensors provide clear images, even in the dark.

LaView USA

Easy Back Up Option

This DVR allows you to customize the resolution and frame rate with options including D1 real time recording with optimal resolution playback at 30 frames per second. Easily transfer back up data onto any USB flash drive and transfer to a PC.

LaView USA

Cables and More

Everything you need to set up your system including four pre-made Siamese cables that helps you connect up to 60 feet of extended distance.

LaView USA

Remote Connectivity

  • Android Users Download: LaView Live
  • Apple Users Download: LaView Pro
  • Operating system support: Windows, Mac
  • Compatible monitoring browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Multiple viewers
  • Custom set your bandwidth to match your Internet speed
  • Instant viewing on cameras through your smartphone and tablet

What is Included

  1. H.264 Digital Video Recorder
  2. Four (4) High Resolution 700TVL Cameras
  3. USB Mouse
  4. Four (4) Premade 60-Foot Siamese Cable to connect cameras to DVR
  5. Power Adapter
  6. 1-4 Splitter Cable
  7. User Manual
  8. CD Software


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LaView 4 Channel H.264 CUBE Plus Advanced Face Detection

LaView 4 Channel H.264 CUBE Plus Advanced Face Detection